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Characteristics and usage

Suitable for red and burning eyes


  • reduces puffiness, bloodshot eyes, burning sensation, irritation, itching and pain
  • provides relief from mild irritations of the eyes that are not of infectious origin


  • for puffy, bloodshot and irritated conjunctiva, caused by wind, dust, light, smoke, chlorinated water, cosmetic preparations or contact lenses
  • for easing symptoms of allergic inflammations such as hay fever and pollen sensitivity


Tetryzolin – causes long-term vasoconstriction of eye conjunctiva.
Rutozide – acts favourable on small vessel walls, increases their resistance and normalises their flow capacity.


Sensilux can be used by adults, the young and children over the age of 7.

Normally 1-2 drops are dropped into the eyelid 2-3 times a day. The duration of application is individual, but it is not recommended to exceed 14 days of continual use. Treatment should be discontinued once symptoms vanish. The preparation can be used irregularly without limitation.

Children from the age of 7:
Unless the doctor says otherwise, put 1 drop into the eyelid 1-2 times a day.


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