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Characteristics and usage

Lubricating substance of first choice with protective epithelising and lubricating action.

UNItears PF contains:

Hypromellosum (hypromelose)

  • lubricates the external surface of the eye and serves as a substitute for insufficient tear  production
  • provides relief from mild irritation of the eyes of non-infectious origin
  • eliminates the feeling of “dryness” of the eyes

Dexpantenol (class B vitamin)

  • helps accelerate the renewal of cells on the surface of the cornea (epithelisation)


  • supporting treatment of reduced tear production (dry eye syndrome)
  • upon minor scratches to the cornea
  • after small foreign bodies get into the eyelid
  • following eye operations
  • for relief from uncomfortable eye irritation due to wind, dust, smoke and so on.
  • for relieving eye tiredness caused by reading, driving, exposure to TV and PC screens

Who can use UNItears PF?

The preparation can be used by adults, the young and children.


 Individual, usually apply 1-2 drops into the eyelid. According to need, but 1-2 drops can be applied even every hour.


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